Eshia S.L. centre your activity in the special field of the market where is developing arranging, conversion and generation of energy systems, embracing many fields and applications:

Renewable energy
Energy optimization
Mobile power
Nautical electricity
Energy support

Through of our delegations and collaborators we can offer and to sure an adequate, quick and efficiency technical and commercial reply from needs our costumers. In the actuality Eshia S.L. deliver your products and service in Spain Portugal, having already presence in Europe and Latin-American with the new delegation in Puerto Montt city, Chile and Medellín city in Colombia.

Eshia S.L. had as a vocation and determination to do real and to incorporate in everyone actions a respect from mediambientals habit enlivening in the all possibilities of the responsibility from sustainable develop and in the grade our self energy sustainability. Eshia is support, is promotion and is collaborate in the uses and habits than will support them, so to incidence in all possible a substantial better in the benefit of Renewable Energy.

Eshia S.L. put your disposal everything of experience and quality than to have such in the service as the commercialisation products. The quality, seriousness and responsibility from the technical advising, administrative support and the collaboration with our costumers, they are the aspects more to care and the time to much compromising for everyone personnel tan compose the company.

For everything we believe than we conformer a company with all warranties from the needs will be necessaries into the applications in anyone system of arrange of energy and treatment of power. In special the uses in Renewable Energy and concrete the generation of electricity such in stand alone as grid connected system.

We wish you get in our website the answer and solution to your search. Of the same form we present you and your company for to offer you in the possibility of our future collaboration for needs and motives than you will mind interesting.

We buy battery's to reclycle: 8 cent/€/Kg

We add the old battery 35 cent/€/Kg when you purchase the new one.

Promotion available on next branches:
BCN, Denia, Tenerife and Perú.

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